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Absolute Temperature Measurement - Absolutely Easy (K-SPACE)

Absolute Temperature Measurement - Absolutely Easy

Introducing a new product to the k-Space tool family ?kSA
SpectraTemp. kSA SpectraTemp is an easy to use, non-
contact, optically-based temperature measurement and
calibration tool that measures absolute temperature.

Use it to measure the temperature of semiconductor wafers,
metals, ceramics, and much more. It is also beneficial for
measuring carrier temperature and infrared pyrometer
calibration. The user simply reads the temperature from the
screen. Or, let kSA SpectraTemp collect and store more
extensive temperature vs. time data for analysis.

Click on the video link for a quick look at kSA SpectraTemp
in action, or contact us at requestinfo@k-space.com to
learn how kSA SpectraTemp can make determining your
absolute temperature absolutely easy!